Products and producing process S.r.l. produces high quality cores and it looks after the finish and the check of the cores following two main processes.
The first is called the cold box process in which molds of sand, a specific resin and a catalysing agent are used. The second is called the shell-moulding process in which a pre-coated sand is catalysed using heat. The shell-moulding process has been outsourced but S.r.l. constantly checks the process and the final product. S.r.l. can fulfil every specific demand of the customer and solve any possible problem thanks to:

To meet the specific needs of the customer and to solve problems , srl allows :

the use of different types of sands and different mixtures

french sand
national sand
regenerated sand
respecting every specific request of the customer

the use of additives

to solve crisp problems, sintering, pinholes

coating of the cores

applied by dipping, flow coating or brushing
mainly with water paint
kiln drying system under controlled temperature

To assure the maximum flexibility of production, S.r.l. uses different machines, for example:

Automatic moulding machines CORGET used in the process with 25 litre COLD BOX to the maximum dimension of the core boxes equal to 750 x 450 x 500 mm, all in tree dimensions;
semiautomatic moulding machines used in the process with 5, 15, 25, 60 litre COLD BOX to the maximum dimension of the core boxes equal to 1000 x 800 x 600 mm, all in tree dimensions.

The Management continuously invests in the renovation of the plants and in the improvement of the working conditions.
Within S.r.l. there is a laboratory that accomplishes every kind of daily maintenance of the core boxes and other operations, for example: addition of valves, building of ejector retainer plates, creation of grippers to coat and move big cores. S.r.l. assures that the product will preserve the required qualities and functioning during the transport till the delivery to the customer paying particular attention to the packaging (different materials are used and different solutions are found) and using its own vehicles or qualified carriers.