Quality and environment

All along its history and its development, Pre.ma S.r.l. has always been inclined to Quality adopting, by choice, the principles of the UNI standards. Back in June 1998, Pre.ma S.r.l. obtained the certificate under the UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 standard; in May 2001 it obtained the certificate of its Environmental Management System under the UNI EN ISO 14001:1996 standard thanks to the manifested will to reduce the negative environmental impacts of the activities of the Company.

Having adopted the requisites under the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard and under the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standard, Pre.ma S.r.l. has developed a new tack for the processes in order to reach the best customer satisfaction, to pursue always new improvements in the Integrated Management System and to assure the correct administration of the environmental aspects.

The Management of Pre.ma S.r.l. uses its internal systems to demonstrate that the needs and the expectations of the customer or the party concerned have been identified and some concrete and measurable requirements have been found. Moreover, Pre.ma S.r.l. guarantees the customer that the specific target requirements for the product or for the service will be reached thanks to:

The creation of a specific environment in order to understand the requirements of the customer or of the party concerned;
The highest transparency and honesty towards the customer or the party concerned;
Periodic overhauls;
The guaranteed supply of the needed resources.

Quality and environmental policy

Looking for an unceasing improvement of the company services and for the highest transparency towards the parties concerned such as the customers, the suppliers, the personnel, the Provincial Management, the ARPAV (the Italian Regional Environmental Protection Agency), the Municipality, etc…, the Management of Pre.ma S.r.l. has many targets.

The customer satisfaction concerning:

the respect of the specifications of the product and of the service;
the capacity to face and solve any possible problem;
the efficient communication;
the research of a continuous improvement of the products and of the processes;
the reaching of the perfect balance between flexibility and planning in order to face promptly and without stress all requests, involving the parties concerned.

Pre.ma S.r.l. pays attention to the efficiency and the efficacy of the processes mainly by:

monitoring the parameters and the data involved in the core production process;
decreasing the internal waste and keeping it within the target values;
collaborating unceasingly with the partners;

Pre.ma S.r.l. pays attention to the company environment, health and safety by:

improving both the healthiness and the interpersonal relationships in the working environment;
monitoring the power of the treatment plants in order to control the emissions into the atmosphere and to be under the current laws in every moment;
checking the possible sources of pollution and improving the areas and the methods of storage of dangerous goods;
collaborating unceasingly with the partners;
controlling the environmental impacts of the company (emissions, waste, noise, use of resources) and the risks within the structures;
decreasing the number and the extent of work accidents;
informing and sensitizing the partners with regards to the environmental effects of the company operations.

In order to pursue all these targets the Management asks the personnel to be involved in the best way and it encourages communication and transparency in the relations with the parties concerned.